Muraga Technical Training Institute provides one of the best environment for training in Technical, Business and ICT courses. The physical location (on a partially tarmacked Marima-Iriga road) and the climate (hot and wet) are favorable daily operations. The physical infrastructure and human resources are adequate to carter for learning and training needs. We have well equipped workshops, training rooms and laboratories. More specifically the institute is equipped with latest Agricultural value and Food Processing Equipment by AVIC INT’L through the Ministry of Education making it a center of excellence it those areas.

On the training capability Muraga TTI is endowed with a team of qualified and experienced trainers, instructors and technicians who are also registered as assessors and verifiers to provide relevant knowledge skills and competencies in different trade areas. We train and evaluate trainers internally and externally though KNEC, NITA, KASNEB and TVED-CDACC examination bodies leading to certification of fully baked professions.

Muraga TTI being a government institution admits trainees through KUCCPs or registers them with KUCCPs upon admission. This way the trainees benefits from government capitation and the needy ones can be able to apply for HELB loans and bursaries.

Mr. Lincon Nthiga

Academic Registrar Muraga TTI

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